MemBeRz // MiemBRos

alwayz // siempre
annique (french and german voice, exquisite experiments)
bodge (cruel experiments and dry electro-stuff with lark-shares)
jimmi rocket (deep ambient, fucked/up/chaoz, trash-shit and other crimes)

now and then // guest-artists // de vez en cuando
coyote sanchez mc kane (chile/barcelona – voice and piano)
carlitos jesus (cuba/chile/barcelona experimental guitar-action)
mk40 (berlin broken crimes, trash-parts & supporter for live-gigs)
baptiste (barcelona/marseille-supporter – noize-fetish & french voice)
meta & ebo (berlin – digital experiments and collaborations for soundtracks)

thanx to the supporter // collaborations // colaboraciones
asamblea internacional del fuego (chile experimental guitar-action)
blandine (berlin/paris – french and german voice)
christian (berlin – emo-grind-guitar-specialist)
emkersyt (barcelona – experimental drones)
fake mistress (berlin experimental voice-recordingz)
ghizmo (berlin – guitar and english voice)
james (uk/berlin/barcelona voicerecording)
karla (portugal/barcelona – voicerecordingz @ portuguese)
karo (berlin – voicerecording)
maria (greece/barcelona - voicerecordingz @ greek)
nnimrodd (israel voicerecordingz @ hebrew)
shane (usa/berlin voicerecording)

yamina (france/barcelona french female-mc)